Generate a Temporary Medicaid Card

A Medicaid record is automatically created in the Medicaid Information Tracking System (MITS) and in Ohio SACWIS when the child has been determined eligible for FCM or AA  reimbursements under Title IV-E. An application can be recorded in Ohio SACWIS when the child is eligible for Medicaid benefits, like Healthy Start, for example, not related to Title IV-E. (See Record a Medicaid application.) In either case, information is sent to CRIS-E, which generates permanent Medicaid cards.

You can generate and print a temporary Medicaid card from Ohio SACWIS, for example, if the child needs a prescription filled quickly.

Generate a temporary Medicaid card as follows:

  1. Click the Financial tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Click the Eligibility tab.

  3. Click the Medicaid Eligibility link in the left navigation bar. The Child Selection search screen appears.

  4. Click Person Search, then locate and select the child whose Medicaid information you want to view.


  1. Enter the child's Person ID. Click Go.

The system populates with the Current Medicaid Card Mailing Details, Medicaid Application History, and Medicaid Eligibility History.

  1. Click the Report link for the active Medicaid record in the MITS Medicaid Eligibility History table.

  2. Click Generate Report. You are taken to the Medicaid Card screen. Select Effective Date for which you want to print.

  3. Click Generate Report. The temporary Medicaid card appears in a PDF.

  4. Print the PDF. The card is printed on your local network printer.