View a Person Profile

When you initiate a search for a person profile, the system searches the entire Ohio SACWIS database, statewide, for the person's name and other demographic information that you enter as search criteria. Person search is also used to search for employees. Select these links to see how to add person records to:

Intake Reporter

Intake Participants

Case Member

Case Associated Persons

Provider Inquiry

Provider Members

Add Employee

Edit Employee


The system requires you to search the Ohio SACWIS database before you record a new person, to make sure that a record does not already exist. You can add a new person profile only if you open the Person Search Criteria screen from an intake, case, provider, or staff record.

To find a person profile, conduct a person search as follows:  

  1. On the Person Search Criteria screen, enter the criteria that you want to use for the search.

    The most efficient way to locate a person profile is to enter their Person ID. If you do not have this number, you must enter at least part of the person's name followed by % as a wildcard search. Complete additional fields that you want to use to narrow the search results.

  2. Click the Advanced Search Criteria link if you want to search using a social security number, reference number, or address.

  3. Click the Search button. If the person record is in the system, the person record (or records) that meet your search criteria appear in the Results table.

If no results are found, you can create a new person record.

  1. Click the Select link next to the person ID / name. Depending on from where you are attempting to view the person record; the system will either display:

  1. Click on the Person ID, or Name/ID link. The Person Overview screen appears.

  2. Select the Profile link from the navigation bar on the left. You are taken to the Basic tab in the Person Profile.

The Profile link is where you will record person information, AKA names, demographics, current, and historical address, and contact information; additional reference types/numbers from other systems; person characteristics; safety hazards, and confidential information.  

  1. To exit the person profile, click the Apply, Save, or Cancel button. You are returned to the Person Overview screen.

  2. Click the Close button to be returned to the screen from which you accessed the person record.