Record Intake Participant Information


Process: Record an intake

As part of the intake, you identify the individuals (participants) involved in the referral, their roles, and relationships. This information is particularly important in CA/N intakes. When adding participants, you have a few options:

After adding a person, you need to identify their role or roles on the intake; and record relationships to other participants added.

Add Participants to an intake as follows:

  1. Click on the Participants tab. The Participants screen appears. Participants and details links will display on this screen once added to the intake.  

  2. Click on the Search & Add Participants button. The Search & Add Participants screen appears.

You can click on the Current Narrative (saved date/time) link to add and edit the intake narrative.

  1. Complete the fields to conduct a person search, (or enter the participants name and click the Add Participant button. See XXXX). A check mark will display in the corresponding box in the Search Using table.

  2. To broaden search results, click to remove the check mark from the desired box or boxes in the Search Using table. This is useful if you are searching by common names, or specific dates of birth for example.

  3. Click Search. If the name is in the system it will appear in the Search Results table.

If the person does not exist in SACWIS, click Create New Person button to add the person to the system. You must at least enter the person's name to save and add the person to the system.

  1. Select the box next to the participant's name you want to add.

  2. Click the Add Selected to Intake button. The system returns you to the Participants tab screen. The participant's name displays.

  3. Identify participant roles.

  4. Retrieve case relationships.

  1. Click Save to exit the intake. Click Apply to remain in the record.  

  2. Click Next Task below to continue.