Review or Add Case Members

Process: Record a case profile

When the screening decision maker creates a case, he or she identifies the individuals who are participants in the case and the case reference person (CRP).

  1. From the Case Profile Screen; select the Members tab. The Case Members screen appears. One of these participants has been identified as the CRP.

  2. To change the CRP, select the radio button next to the person's name.

  3. Click the Edit link to add or update the dates of the person's involvement in this case. You are taken to the Member Details screen.

  4. To view or update the details of a case member, click the Name link of the person. The Person Profile screen appears. Update the person profile, then click Save. The Case Members screen appears.

  5. To add a new case member, click Add Member, then create a new person profile.

  6. To deactivate a case member, click the Edit link next to the member's name. The Member Details screen appears. Enter the end date and the reason for deactivating the case member, then click Save. This removes the person from the list of active members and returns you to Case Members screen. The case reference person (CRP) on the case cannot be deactivated.

  7. Click Apply.

  8. Click Next Task below to continue.