Record a Person Profile


A person profile contains an individual's name, date of birth, gender, demographics, address, hazards, and so on. A profile, which is created for any individual in Ohio SACWIS, includes the individual's role. See About person profiles for more information. Only workers assigned to the case or resource with which the person is associated are able to update person information.

You can add a new person only when you conduct a person search from an intake, case, provider, or staff record. To help prevent the entry of duplicate records, the system requires you to search for a person in SACWIS before you add a new profile. Contact your supervisor if you discover duplicate person profiles.

Process Overview

Follow these tasks to record details on a person profile:

  1. Search for the person, to navigate to the Person Overview screen. If the person record does not exist in SACWIS, you can Create a Person Record.

  2. Record the person's name, any AKA names, and identifying information.

  3. Record demographic Part 1

  4. Record demographics Part 2

  5. Record the person's address and contact information.

  6. Record additional details.

  7. Record personal characteristics.

  8. Record any safety hazard this person may pose.

  9. View Confidential Information


Additional references for updating details on the Person Record are available for recording Background Information, completing an Educational Profile, a Medical Profile, and Financial Profile.