Add Reporter Information


Process: Record an intake

The Reporter tab is the first screen to display when an intake is added. The intake workspace displays the narrative field to the left of the screen, and is available to add, and refer to from each tab and most screens. The intake header displays system generated, selected, and recorded information. The header, and intake workspace displays on all tabs of the intake. In order to add an intake record, you need only to click the Apply, or Save button.

Add and intake reporter as follows.

  1. Any reporters added to an intake will display on the Reporter tab. Click the Add Reporter button. The Add Reporter screen will appear. The system defaults to Non-Mandated reporter type.

  2. Select the radio button next to the appropriate type of reporter from the Reporter Information area:

  1. Complete the appropriate fields based on the radio button selected. The system is dynamic displaying the fields to complete corresponding Reporter Information for that reporter type.

For non-mandated, and mandated reporters, you will conduct a person search to populate person details for those types. For mandated reporters, you will also conduct a provider search. If the provider does not exist in SACWIS, see Record basic provider information.

  1. In the Contact & Situation area, the fields will display based on the reporter type. Complete the fields. Enter as much information as is known about the reporter contact, and their knowledge of the situation.

  2. Click the Save. You are returned to the Reporter tab screen. The reporter details entered will display.

  3. Click Next Task below to continue.