Record Provider Members

Process: Record basic provider information

For an ODJFS, or home, provider, you identify the members of the provider's household. For a non-ODJFS provider, you can record associates or employees as members (for example, the doctors and nurses of a medical clinic).

For each provider member, you must create a person profile, just as you would any other person in the system. Then you can associate the person with the provider record here. You can add or update the person profile while you update the provider record.

Enter member information as follows:

  1. Click the Members tab on the Provider Name Information screen. The Current Active Members screen appears. It lists the current household or staff members. It also displays the household marital status.

  2. Click the Edit link for the member you want to update, or click Add Member to add a new member.

    If a member record was previously end-dated, you can add that person to the provider record again as a new member.

  3. To add a new member, click Add Member, then locate and select the person.

  4. Complete the fields on the screen, including at least these fields:

    Member Role
    Member Type
    Effective Date

    If this person is no longer a member of this provider's staff or household, enter in the End Date field the date the person left the provider, then enter the reason in the Reason field.

  5. Click OK. You are returned to the Members tab.

  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for each provider member.

  7. Click Next Task below to continue.