Record a Provider Inquiry


Each agency is required to maintain records of inquiries from individuals who express interest in becoming a home provider. This includes kinship providers. When an individual contacts the agency, you record an inquiry. The contact may be made in person, in writing, or by phone.

The initial inquiry record must include at least the applicant's full name, a mailing address, and his or her interest (for example, foster, adoptive, or kinship care). The inquiry record remains open until the agency receives an application and completes the inquiry, or the inquirer decides not to continue. If the inquirer decides to continue, you record the receipt of a application and a "screened in" inquiry decision. At that point, the inquiry is complete, and you can either link the inquiry to an existing provider record or create a new provider record and begin the home study process. (See About provider information for more.)

When an existing provider contacts your agency:


Record inquiry details as follows:

  1. Create or update the inquiry record.

  2. Record the potential provider's household or staff members.

  3. For an inquiry about a specific child, identify the child.

  4. Confirm the address information.

  5. Indicate how the potential provider was referred to the agency.

  6. Record the child characteristics the potential provider prefers and other details.

  7. Record an inquiry decision and follow-up activities.

  8. Link the inquiry to a new or existing provider record.